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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A new start

This blog will be a very informative, educational, and interactive blog. I want you to learn and become informed of things in and around Houston that pertain to you and your family. I will intoduce you to people, place and things. I promise you that my brother was able to grow up without me twisting his cheeks off, but that is what happens when you bring home a new sibling and your first one is still young. I actually had my second son when my first was only 1 year old...I didn't think any of us would survive!

Well, we did all make it...and now I am available to help you with your pregnancy, to educate you and take the stress off you. I can do lots more these days other choke your cheeks. I can teach you baby safety, CPR, explain about going green, help you with a birth plan, design your bay's room, help you baby proof your home, your you plan your shower (I won't just pour water over you, promise!)............I can do so much more! My team is ready to help educated and prepapre you.

Tip of the day: if you dry clean your clothes, leave them outside for awhile so the toxic fumes can be neutralized by the air.

Gotta go for now,

The Houston Baby Planner
281 389 1218

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